Configuration Overview

The SE-Viewer and Advisor applications require that the following components be installed and configured to function correctly:

Component Hosted on
SE-Viewer database MS SQL Server
Advisor database MS SQL Server
SE-Viewer application IIS (Intercept Application Pool)
Advisor application IIS (Intercept Application Pool)
Intercept Reporting Service Windows services
Set of Advisor reports SQL Server Reporting Services (SS RS)

The components listed above should interact with each other. AVIcode provides two different methods for configuring the security model:

This is the recommended scenario. This means that AVIcode products will only use the Windows accounts that were specified when connecting to MS SQL Server and SS RS.

In the event that your MS SQL Server is in Mixed Authentication mode, AVIcode allows using SQL accounts to configure connections with the database. However, the connection to SS RS will still be established via a Windows account.

Please read the following sections to learn how to select, configure, upgrade and maintain your database.

Last update: Thursday, December 02, 2010 12:13:36 PM