Microsoft SharePoint Server provides a comprehensive solution for content management and enterprise search that accelerates business processes and information sharing. This integrated suite of server capabilities streamlines workflow processes. It provides document control, storage and access management, and web content management across an organization. It extends business intelligence and enhances collaboration by extending the collection and dissemination of information across organizational boundaries.

Ensuring the SharePoint Server platform, and connected components, are behaving as expected, is critical. Organizations worldwide rely on AVIcode's SharePoint Application monitoring solutions to do just this.

These solutions enable organizations to detect and diagnose problems related to their SharePoint Web applications, and provide the deep-dive diagnostics into detected events inside custom built solutions, including performance, security, connectivity, and application failures.

The AVIcode SharePoint Application monitoring solutions track  back-end connectivity with databases and can diagnose failures due to data inconsistency. For example, AVIcode provides insight into the processes running inside MOSS 2007, such as SLA performance violations within web services calls and associated parameters being passed. Another example: The monitor reveals configuration problems that could exist within a Business Data Connector attempting to connect to Siebel or Microsoft Dynamics. The errors are collected with precise data, such as Single Sign-On mapping information, to simplify security troubleshooting.

Specifically, the AVIcode SharePoint Application monitoring products provide:

Why monitor SharePoint?

Problems occurring with components in custom SharePoint web parts, such as slow-running lists or searches, are typically not visible until an end-user complains. The AVIcode SharePoint Application monitoring solutions are easily configured to monitor SharePoint performance data, providing valuable information on how long it takes for each web part to open.

Additionally, the solutions can detect web part problems such as bugs in a spreadsheet stored on the Excel Service server and report all of the relevant information related to the bug so the problem can be quickly resolved.

With the AVIcode SharePoint Application monitoring solutions, users gain real-time insight into the functionality, performance, and behavior of their SharePoint applications. And, when a problem is detected, the solutions automatically classify the error and provide a complete root cause analysis, including a reproducible test case, empowering organizations to quickly resolve problems and best ensure the availability and reliability of their SharePoint-driven applications.

Last update: Thursday, June 03, 2010 05:14:05 PM