Microsoft Reporting Services enables organizations to derive and share critical information in order to drive well-informed, timely business decisions. Microsoft Reporting Services powers the entire reporting lifecycle – from authoring to management to delivery. It is therefore critical to ensure a Reporting Services solution is always available and reliable.

The AVIcode Reporting Services monitoring solutions detect and diagnose problems affecting custom reports rendered by Reporting Services, including problems with SQL queries and both connectivity and security issues. When a problem is detected, AVIcode’s technology delivers a real-time alert, complete with root-cause diagnostic data than enables appropriate problem triage and rapid error resolution. With AVIcode’s technology, you can ensure the custom reports rendered by Reporting Services are available when they are most needed.

The AVIcode solutions can detect a slow query, for example, within a custom report and automatically alert an administrator. That administrator can then drill down to see how many SQL calls that report makes to the SQL Server.

SQL Reporting Services 2005 Monitoring

SQL Reporting Services 2008 Monitoring

From within the System Center 2007 diagram view, we see the monitored SQL Server, with health information being reported for both the 'Report Server' node (shown as 'Reporting Services' above) and for the 'Report Server Interface' node (shown as 'Reports Manager' above):

Specifically, the AVIcode Reporting Services Application monitoring products provide:

Why Monitor Reporting Services?

Imagine you had a slow running SQL query or stored procedure. How would you pinpoint the precise call that had the problem? You do not have the option to instrument custom-built SQL Reporting Services reports, so the slow running query or stored procedure would not be logged. And, it is highly unlikely that a DBA would run a SQL profiler on a production server.

The AVIcode Reporting Services monitoring solutions automatically capture and report the exact slow running query with all of its parameter values. This is accomplished in real-time, in your production environment. With an AVIcode Reporting Services monitoring solution, you have the ability to positively identify a slow running query or stored procedure, and you receive the data you need to make positive performance changes to your Reporting Services application.

With an AVIcode Reporting Services monitoring product, users gain real-time insight into the functionality, performance, and behavior of Microsoft Reporting Services. And, when a problem is detected, the products automatically classify the error and provide a complete root cause analysis, including a reproducible test case, empowering organizations to quickly resolve problems and best ensure the availability and reliability of their Reporting Services.

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