What's New in the Intercept uX Management Pack

Version 5.7.491 (5.7 RTM)

Version 5.7.63 (5.7 RC)

What's New

 Remove Content Size threshold from application settings.

Add Ajax/WCF threshold to application settings.

Change namespace for CSM Statistic Counters scripting library – it has been moved to uX Collector package.

 Previously we discover application added to server monitoring as a client endpoints. In 5.7 we discover only applications that have been already added to client-side monitoring. So during adding application to client-side monitoring via uX MP wizards user have to previously add it uX monitoring by hands via uX console.

 Alerting threshold: 30000

Sensitivity threshold: 3000

Ajax/WCF threshold: 5000

Avg. Request Time monitor for application: 15000

Avg. Request Time monitor for application: 10000

 Consolidation hash used in OpsMgr is case insensitive

 Link redirects to SEViewer view that contains event view with the same event type (performance or exception) for an interval +- 30 minutes from alert raised time.

 By default application (deployed application template) discovery is limited to .NET Agent Deployment group but user may additionally select other computers group and discovery will run only computers that are included in both groups.

User can select any of computers group that is defined in the sealed management packs or in the unsealed management pack where template is going to be deployed.

Version 5.6.524

What's New

Version 5.6.78

What's New

Version 5.6.73

What's New

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