Installation and Upgrading Instructions

Before installing, be sure to read the Requirements and Prerequisites sections of the manual, and that your system complies with all system requirements and prerequisites.

Some things to understand about the AVIcode uX Monitoring Management Pack before installing are:

New Installations

Step 1: Install and Configure the .NET Management Pack

All of the instructions needed for the following steps can be found in the the AVIcode .NET Application Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 User Manual.

Step 2: Install and Configure the uX Management Pack

Installation of the uX Collector must be done prior configuring uX applications. New uX collectors may be installed and configured later on in the same way as will be described here; discovery of applications on the new server will be started automatically after the collector discovery interval.

Install the Collector

The Collector should be installed on the same machine that hosts the monitored Application and the Intercept Agent, as configured in the previous section

Open the uX Collector Configuration Utility and configure the collector virtual directories (refer to the Collector Configuration Utility section in this manual for instructions).

Modify the uX Collector Discovery Group

If the uX Collector Discovery Group does not contain the server that the Collector is being installed on, then you must perform the following steps:


Explicit Members Tab


To add Explicit members to the group, select the Explicit Members tab.


Dynamic Members Tab


To add Dynamic members to the group, select the Dynamic Members tab.


Excluded Members Tab


To Exclude members from the group, select the Dynamic Members tab.

After (at most) the uX collector discovery interval time expires, the uX Collector object is created and is displayed under Monitoring View AVIcode uX MonitoringuX Collector State

Import the Management Packs

The AVIcode uX Management pack starts discovering applications that have been added for client-side monitoring on computers from the  “.NET Application Discovery Group”. The list of these applications is available in the wizard for adding uX application to monitoring in the SCOM Operations Console.

Create a uX Application

Follow the directions under Initial Configuration to begin monitoring Enterprise ASP.NET Client Side Applications.

Upgrading the .NET Application Management Pack to Add uX

Upgrading the uX Management Pack

Do not run the Handlers setup when upgrading

Uninstalling the uX Management Packs

These instructions only uninstall the uX management Packs. Please see the AVIcode .NET Application Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 User Manual for instructions to remove other components.

Uninstall Components

Delete all management packs with monitored uX applications.

Uninstalling the .NET Management Pack

Please follow the directions under the AVIcode .NET Application Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 User Manual Uninstalling to remove the .NET Management Pack.


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