Setting up uX Monitoring

This section of the manual assumes that you have already followed the instructions earlier in this manual to install the product.

Install the license

Instructions for installing your license(s) are available under 'our Management System''License' '"Add, Assign or Un-assign Licenses' in the "Intercept Studio User Manual" for more information.

Set the path to the Collector

The uX Collector is deployed for the same web sites where monitored application is installed. The uX Management Console is used to  configure the relative uX Collector path for the application. The URL to send client side events and statistical information to the Collector is set to /CsmCollector/CsmCollectorService.asmx.  Therefore the user should decide what applications he/she wants to monitor and deploy the uX Collector in corresponding web sites via the uX Collector Configuration utility

Please see 'Configuration' 'Intercept uX Management Console  'General Properties' 'Collector Settings' in this manual for more information.

Check the SELog connection

Make sure that events can reach SE-Viewer for storage and display.

Enable Full Mode monitoring

For testing purposes, enabling 'Full' monitoring for all web applications will ensure that at least some client side events are collected.

Add Applications to Monitor

Set the Collector Service Connection

To set the Collector service connection, it is important to know that the address is visible from the outside clients. When the Collector is installed on the same server as the monitored applications, typically the DNS name for the server is well known and accessible from the outside. When the Collector is on a separate machine however, the only way to ensure that the address is visible outside of the internal network is to test it from a device outside of the internal network, such as a cell phone with web access or Remoting into an external machine.


Set the performance monitoring  thresholds

The default thresholds should be sufficient for testing that data is returned from client-side monitoring.

Set the Client IP

If an existing firewall will change the client IP address in messages to the Collector, the IP Client properties can be set to ensure that the correct IP address is reported in the event statistics.

Restarting IIS

If the application is not on a load balanced server, then IIS may be restarted after configuring the Intercept Agent and the Collector. If this is a load balanced server, then:

Removing Applications from Monitoring

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