AVIcode Intercept uX (user eXperience)

AVIcode’s Intercept uX is the only client-side monitoring solution designed to automatically detect application problems from the user’s perspective, and enable a definitive root cause diagnosis regardless of the application tier in which the issue resides - from browser to server to database and back.

Intercept uX provides insight into your end users’ experience, with real-time information on end user environment factors that may impact the performance and satisfaction associated with browser-based applications. In addition, Intercept uX collects statistical and trending information on all user-initiated transactions, providing a consolidated picture of application health and response times.

With no agent required on the client, Intercept uX monitors every end user transaction and delivers a keyboard-to-eyeball response time measurement. When a performance problem or failure is detected, AVIcode’s technology automatically notifies the appropriate team or individual. In addition to notification, Intercept uX provides in-depth transaction diagnostics, tracing the path of transactions from the browser to the server to the database and back. Because Intercept uX automatically correlates monitored events between the presentation layer and SOA back-end web services, organizations achieve unsurpassed visibility into the performance of the application from the end user’s perspective as well as root cause detail for application problems.

Additionally, Intercept uX collects and reports on statistical information such as average client execution time, number of failures per second, and number of performance events per second. Statistical information can be intelligently grouped on a per application or per page basis to provide insight into how performance problems relate to system performance and user experience.

Intercept uX requires no code changes. It provides pass through visibility into server processing, true statistical analysis based on performance counters, and has the ability to monitor and report on critical business transactions. This means your organization now has a way to monitor the true end user experience and proactively address end user concerns.

Features and Benefits

Browser Rendering Performance
  • HTML, image, script, CSS, and view state payload sizes
  • Network, server, DOM, image, page loading time
  • End user information
  • Ability to record user session events with support for:
  • Basic, integrated, .NET Passport and Forms authentication mechanisms
  • Custom authentication mechanisms for UserID storage handling
  • Distributed chaining to provide end-to-end visibility into performance from client-side all the way through the application and middle tier SOA server infrastructure
  • Correlation of client side and server side execution with application session
  • Collects redirects.
  • Reports traffic and network speed
JavaScript Execution
  • Call stack with parameters
  • Global variables
  • Browser information
  • “OnClick” control execution time
  • Supports synchronous/asynchronous calls
  • Network time, traffic and network speed
  • Correlate AJAX calls with server side execution and the client code that called and handled it
  • Supports Telerik, Infragistics, ASP.NET and other controls
  • Supports Microsoft AJAX, JQuery and custom AJAX implementation
  • Collects request and response information, including server response content
  • Support for HTTP redirect
  • Supports AKAMAI, RFC 2616, Netscape/iPlanet, CISCO NAT caching/firewall software to retrieve end user IP information
  • Support for IPv6
Business Context
  • Collection of tenant information that identifies the business context for each web application request
  • Flexible configuration to retrieve business context identifier from any point of the web request context
Statistical and Trending Information
  • Per application, ASP page or IP perf counter information
  • Average client execution time
  • Failures per second
  • Performance issues per second
  • Statistical information for monitored pages, AJAX calls, and user activity and storing the information in a remote SQL Data Base
Comprehensive Reporting [ Only available with a licensed version of AVIcode Advisor]
  • Performance data analysis
  • by page or IP/Subnet
  • Slowest pages per IP based on network, application, Web Service, SQL, DOM, flat files load time
  • Content payload analysis
  • by page or IP/Subnet
  • Heaviest pages per IP based on HTML, view state, images, scripts, HTC, CSS size
Event data transport
  • Secure: supports HTTPS and encoding of user information
Ease of Deployment
  • High scalability
  • Low impact on application performance
  • Flexible configuration of event data collection
  • Simple configuration and usage

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