Integrating with 3rd Party Management and Issue Tracking Systems

The integration of AVIcode Intercept with operation Management Systems is a 2-step process.  Intercept Agent collects data from a monitored application and sends it to Intercept SE-Viewer.  Intercept SE-Viewer then sends a link to the event as well as all of the event details to its subscribers.  The current list of subscribers includes Windows Event Log notification, WMI notification, and e-mail notification.  The Windows Event Log and WMI notifications allow integration with third party Network operation Management Systems, such as Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).  Intercept SE-Viewer Server is responsible for the initial event delivery, event storage, and event visualization.  The third party operation Management System only holds a link to the event stored in Intercept SE-Viewer Server. 

Integration approaches:


The recommended approach is WMI integration, although you may use either approach or both approaches together. Read about notifications in this manual for details as to how to set up WMI or Windows Event Log notifications.

Last update: Thursday, December 09, 2010 02:14:41 PM