Upgrade from Earlier Versions of the Database

Method #1: The Configuration Utility

Follow the directions in the chapter "The Configuration Utility" to upgrade the database.

Method #2: Manual Configuration

Before Upgrading

Before upgrading, be sure to back  up your existing database.

Convert the SQL Database Structure

In order to work with the latest version of Intercept Studio, the prior installation's SE-Viewer database must be upgraded by running the appropriate database conversion SQL scripts.

Depending upon your prior installation of Intercept Studio, you must selectively run the following upgrade scripts in the correct order. Each script is named following the format:


You must run each upgrade script, in order, starting with the script for your existing installation, continuing with each intermediate upgrade, and finishing with the upgrade to the new version. For example, if you wanted to upgrade from version 1.2 to version 3.0, the you would have to run all of the following scripts in the order presented:


Configure the SE-Viewer Database Connection

The new installation of SE-Viewer has over-written the prior installation's database configuration settings. These database configuration settings must be returned to their prior state in order for SE-Viewer to connect to the newly upgraded Microsoft SQL database. Please follow the directions under Configure to Use SQL Server under 'First-time Installation'

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