Today’s business climate and the migration towards service-oriented architectures requires companies to automate and optimize business processes that span across applications, people, and organizations, uniting disparate components into a comprehensive system. Microsoft’s BizTalk Server delivers the unique tools required to effectively and efficiently accomplish this task.

To ensure the success of diverse business processes powered by BizTalk Server, it is essential to adopt a proactive solution that identifies and diagnoses problems in real-time. The foundation of that solution is AVIcode's BizTalk Application monitoring solutions. These products extend enable organizations to detect and diagnose problems related to their BizTalk applications.

Specifically, the AVIcode BizTalk Application monitoring products provide:

Why Monitor BizTalk?

Imagine you are using functoids in your pipeline to convert XML data from one format to another and populating a new field with the result of the conversion. If the pipeline data is in the wrong format, the conversion will fail. In this case, BizTalk cannot provide you with enough data to pinpoint the failed conversion. AVIcode's BizTalk Application monitoring products, however, will provide you with the actual runtime value for the piece of data that did not pass the conversion.

Similarly, suppose within BizTalk Orchestration, you wrote an XLANG line to call your function from a custom-built assembly to perform an import operation. If that piece fails, BizTalk will report a failure in the orchestration but it will not provide additional details. The AVIcode solutions collect all of the root cause data you need to accurately identify and resolve failures and SLA violations.

With the AVIcode BizTalk Application monitoring products, users gain real-time insight into the functionality, performance, and behavior of their BizTalk applications. And, when a problem is detected, they automatically classifies the error and provides a complete root cause analysis, including a reproducible test case, empowering organizations to quickly resolve problems and best ensure the availability and reliability of their BizTalk-driven applications.

Last update: Tuesday, June 08, 2010 03:19:12 PM