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.NET Application Monitoring

AVIcode Intercept Studio

AVIcode Intercept Studio detects, diagnoses and helps to remediate application problems by automatically monitoring for performance degradations, application failures, security and connectivity issues whether in development, QA or production.

AVIcode .NET Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

The AVIcode .NET Management Pack extends the capabilities of Microsoft Operations Manager 2007, enabling a comprehensive view of application behavior and real-time diagnosis of code failures and performance bottlenecks.

.NET Management Pack for MOM 2005

The AVIcode .NET Management Pack extends Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM) to provide a consolidated view of all applications, featuring health status indicators that identify faulty application components and performance bottlenecks. Unlike other Management Packs, the .NET Management Pack is not a connector – it enables real-time, in production monitoring of .NET applications within the MOM console.

Partial Feature List for .NET Application Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
  • Monitors ASP.NET, Web Services, .NET Remoting, COM+, COM Interop, WinForms, Console Applications, & Windows Services
  • Monitors 32-bit & 64-bit versions of the .NET Framework
  • Concurrently monitor for application failures, security & connectivity issues, & performance degradations
  • SLA monitoring for internal & external service providers
  • Activity monitoring for business transactions
  • Automatically discovers application dependencies on third-party & internal Web services, WCF services & DB resources
Root Cause Information
  • Collects the complete call stack & object state
  • Gathers all function parameters and local & member variables
  • Isolates the precise line of problem code
  • Detects resource-specific bottlenecks (e.g. SQL, LDAP, TCP/IP)
  • Collects & correlates system & framework performance counters
  • Small footprint has no significant impact on performance
  • Event throttling ensures minimal resource usage
  • Requires no recompiling or instrumentation
Extensible Reporting & Dashboards
  • Current application load, top application problems & problem analysis based on external & internal service providers
  • Critical exception & performance hotspots
  • Application availability & behavior trends, including volume & health indicators
  • Highlight areas of an application that are improving or slowing
  • Adheres to ITIL standards
  • Best practices for Sarbanes-Oxley & HIPAA compliance
  • Ability to create Windows Event log or WMI events
  • Integration with standard operations management & defect tracking systems

End-User Experience Monitoring

AVIcode Intercept uX

AVIcode Intercept uX extends these capabilities to provide visibility into application behavior and the end-user experience from the client (browser) perspective. It also provides in-depth transaction diagnostics, tracing the path of transactions from the browser to the server to the database and back. It provides a consolidated view of application response times and overall health.

Partial Feature List for End-User Experience Monitoring
Browser Rendering Performance
  • HTML Payload size
  • Network, server, DOM, page loading time
  • End user information
  • Record user session event
  • Visibility into performance from client-side all the way through the application & middle tiers
JavaScript Execution
  • Call stack with parameters
  • Global variables
  • Browser information
  • "OnClick" control execution time
  • Synchronous/asynchronous calls
  • Network time, traffic & speed
  • Correlate AJAX calls with server side execution
  • Telerik, Infragistics, ASP.NET & other controls
  • Microsoft AJAX, JQuery & custom AJAX implementation
  • HTTP redirect
  • AKAMAI, RFC 2616, Netscape/iPlanet, CISCO NAT caching/firewall software to retrieve end user IP information
  • IPv6
Statistical & Trending Information
  • Per application performance counter information
  • Average client execution time
  • Failures &  Performance issues per second

SharePoint 2007 Monitoring

SharePoint 2007 Application Cartridge

The AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Cartridge extends the native monitoring capabilities of Intercept Studio, enabling organizations to detect and diagnose problems related to their SharePoint Web applications.

SharePoint 2007 MP

The AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack extends the native monitoring capabilities of Operations Manager 2007, enabling organizations to detect and diagnose problems related to their SharePoint Web applications.

Partial Feature List for SharePoint Monitoring
Performance tracing for SLA violations
  • SharePoint Web applications
  • Site collections
  • Excel services
  • MOSS Enterprise Search
Key Performance Metric Collection & Correlation
  • Collection & monitoring of .NET application performance counters for SharePoint IIS websites
  • Correlation of SharePoint Server resource utilization (e.g. Memory, CPU & I/O) to application performance bottlenecks & failures
Insight into Application Behavior & Health
  • Visual health state indicators & automated health alert notifications
  • State view for all monitored SharePoint Server components
  • Dashboard view for SharePoint resource utilization
  • Dashboard view of trending analysis for memory, CPU, & I/O resource utilization

BizTalk Monitoring

BizTalk Application Cartridge

The AVIcode BizTalk Application Cartridge extends the native monitoring capabilities of Intercept Studio and enables organizations to detect and diagnose problems related to their BizTalk applications.

BizTalk Application MP

 The AVIcode BizTalk Application Management Pack extends the native monitoring capabilities of Operations Manager 2007 and enables organizations to detect and diagnose problems related to their BizTalk applications.

Partial Feature List for BizTalk Monitoring
Exception monitoring for Orchestrations, Adapters, Pipelines & Functoids
  • Critical exceptions in Orchestrations
  • Security & connectivity problems related to incorrectly configured Adapters
  • Failures due to erroneous .NET code activities within Orchestrations
  • Connectivity problems with MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 databases, & 3rd party Web Services in Orchestrations
  • Exception tracking for namespaces in custom code for Orchestrations & Maps
  • Exception tracking for namespaces in specific Adapters
Performance tracing for Orchestrations, Pipelines & Adapters
  • Tracing & performance analysis of MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 DB usage, Web Services & WCF calls in Orchestrations
Key Performance Metric Collection & Correlation
  • Correlation of BizTalk resource utilization (e.g. Memory, CPU & I/O) to application performance bottlenecks
Ease of Use
  • Automated discovery of all BizTalk servers
  • Automated monitoring of all BizTalk processes
  • Visual health state indicators
  • Automated health alert notifications

SQL Reporting Services Monitoring

SQL Reporting Services Application Cartridge

The AVIcode Reporting Services Application Cartridge extends the monitoring capabilities of Intercept Studio by detecting and diagnosing problems affecting custom reports rendered by Reporting Services, including problems with SQL queries and both connectivity and security issues.

SQL Reporting Services Management Pack

The AVIcode Reporting Services Management Pack extends the monitoring capabilities of Operations Manager 2007 by detecting and diagnosing problems affecting custom reports rendered by Reporting Services, including problems with SQL queries and both connectivity and security issues.

Partial Feature List for SQL Reporting Services Monitoring
  • Automated discovery & configuration of monitoring for all Reporting Services components, including the interface & web service
  • Monitoring for security & connectivity problems related to incorrect configuration of report data sources, networks, & SQL Server
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks from long-running SQL queries
  • Detection of report failures related to erroneous SQL statements & data inconsistency
  • Extensible reporting on web service usage, including the report parameters, and custom reporting of reporting solution performance & availability over time
  • Detection & Correlation of reporting web services resource utilization with Windows Server resource utilization for Memory, CPU & I/O
  • Trending Analysis for Memory, CPU & I/O resource utilization for reporting web services

Management Reporting

AVIcode Advisor

AVIcode Advisor leverages the information collected to deliver detailed, actionable reports on specific application issues, and helps organizations see trends and prioritize the key issues affecting application health.

Partial Feature List for Management Reporting
Overall Application Quality Assessment
  • Application quality based on monthly or quarterly data
  • Metrics for performance, application failures, connectivity & security
  • Hot spot identification for distributed applications
  • Metrics for vendor provided services
Application Load Assessment
  • Application Request Load across multiple applications & servers
  • Trend Analysis for Application Request Load
  • Correlation of Application Request Load with CPU, I/O & Memory utilization
Resource Utilization Assessment
  • Application contribution to CPU, Memory, & I/O utilization
  • Data for making decisions about server consolidation & virtualization.
  • Resource utilization spikes & drill down into resource utilization problems
Capacity Planning
  • Request load trends & resource utilization trends for CPU, Memory & I/O
  • Mapping of request load over resource utilization
  • Comparison of request load & resource utilization with a dynamic baseline
Application Weekly & Daily Status Reports
  • Application Daily, Weekly & Monthly Status reports
  • Key metrics for application load & resource utilization
  • Comparison of all key metrics with a dynamic 90-day baseline
  • Application load & resource utilization spikes
  • Highlights most critical exception & performance problems for a selected period
Application Baselining
  • Baseline analysis of major application KPIs: request load, response time, & CPU, Memory & I/O utilization
  • Dynamic 90-days baseline based on hourly, weekly & monthly schedule.
  • Release impact analysis through comparison of KPIs before & after release

Custom Instrumentation Integration

Intercept Studio Instrumentation Pack

Specifically developed to extend the functionality of Intercept Studio, the Instrumentation Pack enables users to integrate Intercept Studio root-cause information with users’ own application event information from available instrumentation libraries and from custom instrumentation.

Partial Feature List for Custom Instrumentation Integration
  • Supports the following instrumentation types:
  • ASP.NET Health
  • Logging Application Block (.NET Framework 1.1 & 2.0)
  • Exception Handling Application Block (.NET Framework 1.1 & 2.0)
  • Library for extending any custom user logging code
  • Gathers all standard information from instrumentation
  • Event collected can be configured for aspect category & application type 

Local Data Storage

Intercept Studio Incident Utilities

For business scenarios when a centralized management system is not available or has limited access, AVIcode's Incident Utilities provide a method to store data locally for subsequent forwarding. This feature allows users to address disconnected desktop installations, network traffic optimization and troubleshooting processes.

Partial Feature List for Local Data Storage
Disconnected Desktops
  • When centralized management server is not available
  • Store and Forward functionality
  • Every X minutes forward locally stored events to the centralized management server
Network Traffic Optimization
  • For highly congested networks
  • Store events locally and upload them during off-peak hours
Troubleshooting Process
  • Manually forward data to a support technician via email
  • Automatically notify users of application problems

Professional Services

AVIcode professional services group provides consultative services to maximize the value of Intercept Studio for our customers. The Intercept Studio product is designed to be a mission critical enterprise monitoring tool. As such, deploying into an enterprise environment can be complex and involve both operations and development staff. AVIcode professional services are designed to facilitate the implementation process, change management and educational needs required to ensure success.

Partial Feature List for Professional Services
Fast Launch
  • Deployment Planning
  • Product Training
  • Deployment
  • Post Deployment Review
Other Services
  • Advanced and Follow-on Training
  • Custom Integration and Reporting
  • Application Health Auditing

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