AVIcode Advisor

AVIcode Advisor delivers a high-level view of application behavior and health status, including an overall application quality assessment. In addition, AVIcode Advisor provides a dynamic baseline and real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs). The solution automatically generates a trend analysis of application performance data and correlates it to CPU, I/O and memory utilization, empowering organizations to make better-informed decisions regarding server consolidation and virtualization. By mapping resource utilization trends over time and comparing this to a baseline, organizations can also better prepare for usage scenarios such as seasonal trends in application utilization. Analysis of KPI and baseline data helps organizations identify application failures and performance issues as well as hotspots where problem resolution resources would be best focused.

AVIcode Advisor delivers actionable intelligence to help enable organizations to optimize the application environment and prioritize troubleshooting efforts. Problem prioritization enables visibility into the top performance, failure, connectivity and security problems affecting applications and enables faster resolution. Actionable reports allow users to drill down into the data in order to better understand and more quickly resolve resource utilization problems and spikes, along with their root causes.

Application Health and Behavior Analysis

AVIcode Advisor provides a comprehensive solution that gives insight and knowledge into application health and behavior. Leveraging the data collected by AVIcode's core monitoring solutions, Intercept Studio and the .NET Management Pack, AVIcode Advisor enables organizations to better manage their application environment and investment by delivering actionable intelligence - reports that detail application health status, baselines and comparisons for key performance indicators (KPIs), resource and load utilization, and problem prioritization.

With AVIcode Advisor, organizations can view the health status of their applications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Key metrics over time can be analyzed to identify resource spikes that may be indicative of an application or environment problem. New problems that occur are automatically isolated, and the most critical are highlighted for immediate attention.

In addition, AVIcode Advisor automatically generates a dynamic baseline for major key performance indicators, including request load, response time and resource utilization for CPU, I/O and memory. Request load and resource utilization can be correlated and mapped over time to help organizations better prepare for various usage scenarios such as seasonal trends in application utilization.

AVIcode Advisor delivers actionable data - reports can be drilled down into for deep-dive analysis, enabling insight into specific application issues, including a complete root cause analysis. And, problems are automatically prioritized for visibility into the top performance, failure, connectivity and security issues affecting an application.

Optimal user experience is critical for the success of your applications. If you can't monitor and measure their health status and utilization trends, it can be a daunting challenge to ensure their availability and reliability. AVIcode Advisor delivers a comprehensive application health and behavior analysis solution that will better help you manage your application environment and your business.

Overall Application Quality Assessment

Problem Prioritization

Application Load Assessment

Resource Utilization Assessment

Capacity Planning

Application Weekly and Daily Status Reports

Application Baselining

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