Installation Instructions


AVIcode Advisor is a new part of the AVIcode Intercept Studio comprised of the Advisor software component and a set of reports that are published to the SQL Reporting Server. The following steps document where and how to install the AVIcode Advisor components over your current Intercept AVIcode Intercept Studio installation.

Installing AVIcode Advisor

After Installing AVIcode Advisor


Advisor 5.7 RTM ships with a license file that can be located under [drive]\Program Files\AVIcode\Intercept\SEViewer\Licenses. For new installations, this license is automatically imported during the installation process. For upgrades from version 5.6 or lower, please follow the upgrade and license installation instructions.

Accessing Advisor from AVIcode SE-Viewer

When Advisor is installed, it adds a new tab to the SE-Viewer window . In order for this tab to link to the Advisor application, the web address for Advisor must be set correctly. To check the address:

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