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When events are consumed by Operations Manager 2007, they are converted into alerts that reveal the severity, or importance, of that event. OpsMgr 2007 provides duplicate alert suppression, or alert consolidation, which combines duplicate alerts by common root cause while the original alert is unresolved into a single alert. Each alert indicates the number of events that were combined, the time of the first event, and the time of the last event.

Severity Source Description Last Modified Repeat Count
Name: Name: ASP.NET Application Performance Exception Generated (2)
Warning FriendlyFarmFeeds /FriendlyFarmFeeds/catalogpage.aspx 7/16/2007 11:24:08 AM 3
Warning FriendlyFarmFeeds /FriendlyFarmFeeds/shoppingcart.aspx 7/16/2007 11:16:27 AM 2
Name: ASP.NET Application Exception Generated (3)
Critical FriendlyFarmFeeds /FriendlyFarmFeeds/QuestionControl.ContinueButton_Click failed in /FriendlyFarmFeeds/QuestionControl.ContinueButton_Click [System.Threading.ThreadAbortException] 7/16/2007 11:20:27 AM 5
Critical FriendlyFarmFeeds /FriendlyFarmFeeds/orderpage.aspx failed in System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain [System.Threading.ThreadAbortException] 7/16/2007 11:19:13 AM 1
Critical FriendlyFarmFeeds /FriendlyFarmFeeds/shoppingcart.aspx 7/16/2007 11:18:03 AM 7

FIGURE 8: .NET Application Alerts

The Management Pack provides predefined alerts for events and thresholds specific to .NET applications. Performance events trigger yellow 'Warning' alerts and exception events trigger red 'Error' alerts. Using the OpsMgr 2007 Alert Views, you can easily filter both Performance Degradation Alerts and Unexpected Functionality Failures by whether they are for ASP.NET or Web Services.

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