Some assessments have goals for the metrics that are captured and displayed in the Result View. The metric is usually the measure of an activity. When the metric value is compared to the goal for that metric, the status is color coded in the Result View as follows:

A default set of goals is provided when you install the assessments. We recommend that you use the default goals file. However, you can also create your own goals. For example, goals for a basic laptop might be different than the goals you set for a high end desktop computer, or market expectations might change in such a way that you want the flexibility to define different goals and key requirements as time passes and technology improves.

The first time you view results in the Windows® Assessment Services - Client (Windows ASC), the default goals file is used. If you define your own goals you can use the UI to set the custom goals file location and then select the custom goals file that you want to use. You must set the goals file location and add a goals file to that location before you can use the UI to apply the custom goals. Once a new goals file is selected it will continue to be the goals file that is used for any results that are opened. The assessment tools always look for the last goals file that was used. If the goals file is no longer available the default Standard.xml goals file is used.

Only one goals file can be used at a time. Goals for all assessments are set in a single goals file. The assessment tools will search for goals in the following order:

  1. A custom goals file

  2. The default standard.xml goal file

  3. Goals defined in the results file

  4. Goals defined in the assessment manifest

You can use the sample goals file that is provided at C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Assessment Toolkit\SDK\Goals to create your own goals file.

Change the Goals File That is Used When Reviewing Results

We recommend using the default standard.xml goals file when reviewing results. It is used by default when you view results in the Windows ASC. However, if you define custom goals for assessments, you can change the default so that your custom goals file is used instead. You can store custom goals file in \\<Windows Assessment Service Server>\relax\CustomGoals. An empty directory is created when Windows Assessment Service server is initialized.

Use the following procedures to setup and use a custom goals file.

To change the goals file that is used

  1. Store your custom goals file in the Windows Assessment Services share \\<Windows Assessment Service Server>\relax\CustomGoals.

  2. In the Windows ASC, click File, and then click Compare results.

  3. Select the results that you would like to review.

  4. In the top right corner, select the goals file that you would like to use when reviewing results.

  5. Open the results file again to review the results using the new goals file.

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