After you install and configure Windows® Assessment Services, you can open the Windows® Assessment Services - Client (Windows ASC) on any computer that has network access to the Windows Assessment Services server. You can also start creating projects and assessing computers in your test lab. If you haven't added computers, drivers, and images to your inventory, see Evaluation Assets.

Using Windows ASC for the First Time

The following procedure explains how to import images into the database and create a new project from the Getting Started page in the Windows ASC.

To import images and create a new project

  1. On the administrator's computer where Windows ASC is installed, click Start, and then type Windows Assessment Services – Client to find and start the application.

  2. On the Getting Started page, click Import images.

  3. Select the images that you want to deploy to your lab computers, click Import, and then click OK.

  4. On the Getting Started page, click Create a new project. For more information about how to create a project, see Projects.

Opening the Getting Started Page

After you create a project and close Windows ASC, the next time that you open Windows ASC, it opens to the last project that you were working on.

To open the Getting Started page after you open a project, click the Help menu, and then click Getting Started Guide.

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