Windows® Assessment Services is a framework that you can use to automate quality measurements, like performance, reliability, and functionality, on multiple computers in a lab environment. It helps you eliminate fragmented, error-prone, expensive predeployment test processes. And it lets you replace multiple steps and inconsistent tools with just one tool.

The Windows® Assessment Services - Client (Windows ASC) is the graphical user interface that interacts with Windows Assessment Services to manage settings and assets, like which lab computers to test, which images should be applied to those computers, and which assessments should be run on the test computers. You can use Windows ASC to monitor the progress of a running job, and to view and compare the results that were produced. Additional benefits include, being able to import results into a central database for consolidated report generation.

The following diagram shows the workflow for the first-time use of Windows Assessment Services and the client UI.

Windows ASC workflow diagram

This Windows Assessment Services User's Guide provides information about how to install and configure Windows Assessment Services and how to use the client UI. More information, such as a step-by-step guide and a technical reference, are provided online. For more information, see the Windows Assessment Services Technical Reference and the Windows Assessment Services Step-by-Step Guide.

In This Section


Review the system requirements and the installation process for Windows Assessment Services and Windows ASC.

Setup and Configuration

Initialize Windows Assessment Services, add network adapter drivers to boot Windows image (.wim) files, and prepare a Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) USB flash drive for computer inventory.

Getting Started with Windows Assessment Services - Client

Use the Getting Started Guide to import images from your image store into the inventory database and start a new project.

Evaluation Assets

Add computers, images, and drivers to your inventory, manage these assets, and include them in projects and jobs.


Create a new project, open an existing project, delete a project, or adjust project settings.


Open a job and change the settings, or create a new job. Run an instance of the job and monitor the progress.


View computer status, job progress, and the results that the job produces when it's finished.

Additional Resources

Find more information about Windows Assessment Services, the Windows ASC, and related technologies online.

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