Results show information about what the assessment discovered when the assessment ran. The results include metrics that describe what the assessment measured, issues that were found based on the measurements, and recommendations to help you resolve any issues that were found. Some recommendations include links to additional information or links to Windows® Performance Analyzer (WPA), which helps you trace the cause of an issue back to the source.

After you run a job, the results are available for viewing in the Windows® Assessment Console. You can open individual results or multiple results from a list of all results. A summary view is available for comparing multiple results, and a details view is available to provide more information about issues and recommendations. This section includes basic information about finding and viewing results.

Configure the Results Library

Make results available in the results library.

Find and Open Results

Filter and sort results to quickly find and open results that you are interested in.

Goals File

Change the goals file that is used when reviewing results.

Details View

See detailed results that include information about metrics and issues.

Summary View

Open multiple results for comparison in a summary view.

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