By default, a single Assessment Results folder or library is created to store the results from every job that is run on the local computer. You can add or remove folders from the library. For example, if you store results on a network location so that others can access the results, you can add the network location to the results library. This is also an efficient way to view results that others have created that they want to share with you.

For more information about how libraries work, click the Learn more about libraries link in the Assessment Results Library Locations window.

Configuring the Results Library

  1. Click Options, and then click Configure Results.

  2. In the Assessment Results Library Locations dialog box, click Add to search a local computer, a network share, or removable media for folders that you want to associate with your assessment library.

  3. Select the folder that you want to include, and then click Include folder.

    Verify that the selected folder appears in the Assessment Results Library Locations dialog box.

  4. Right-click a library location to do the following:

    • Set the location as the default save location

    • Set the location as the public save location

    • Remove the location

    • Move the location up

    • Move the location down

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.

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