The Windows® Assessment Console is a graphical user interface (GUI) that is used to run assessments. You can group assessments to create new jobs, edit existing jobs, and view the results that are produced after a job runs. The Windows Assessment Console allows you to compare computers for performance and quality, analyze the current state of a computer's configuration, and find issues and track improvements that a particular computer could have. This includes recommendations to fix certain computer hardware and performance issues. The Windows Assessment Console and assessments are installed as part of the Windows Assessment Toolkit available in the Windows® Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK).

A job is a collection of one or more assessments and their settings, run at one time on a computer. You can review the assessments to determine what you want to assess in a computer, and add the assessments to a job, or configure a predefined job to include the assessments and settings that meet your needs.

The Windows Assessment Console can also be used to package a job, load the job on another computer, and run the job there without the need of first installing the Windows Assessment Console on that computer.

This user’s guide provides information about how to install and use the Windows Assessment Console. More information, including a technical reference, is provided online. For more information, see the Assessment Toolkit Technical Reference.

In This Section


Install, update, or uninstalll the Windows Assessment Toolkit.


Configure and run jobs, open and edit jobs, or create a new job.

Job Settings

Adjust job settings.

Assessment Settings

Edit assessment settings, or revert to the recommended assessment settings.

Run a Job or Package a Job

Run a job on a local computer, or package the job to run on another computer.


Find results and then navigate through the results to find detailed information about issues and recommendations.

Additional Resources

Find more information about the Windows Assessment Console and related technologies is online.

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