Term Definition


To evaluate a Windows computer by using the Windows Assessment Toolkit that is included in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK).


Collection of binaries, scripts, configuration parameters, and manifest files used to perform measurements on a computer or Windows image and to report results.

assessment manifest

XML file that describes the content and function of an assessment for use with the assessment platform.

assessment setting

Setting that the user can edit in a job, but that the assessment manifest does not retain in its parameters.


In a computing system, an inherent characteristic of the hardware and software of a Windows computer. Such characteristics can be enumerated, but do not need to be measured. Examples are memory (RAM) and storage size.


In a computing system, the functional part of Windows that can be enumerated, indirectly detected, or measured, such as Wi-Fi support.


Value that is defined in the assessment manifest and that establishes the points at which a metric is rated.


Problem that an assessment identifies. The issue description may also include a solution for the problem and links to information about how to perform further investigation.


In the Windows Assessment Console, a collection of one or more assessments and their settings, run on a local computer or saved to a removable drive for use on another computer. In Windows Assessment Services, a set of computer images together with one or more assessments and their settings, automated to run on multiple computers, such as in a test lab.

job instance

Job that is running or is queued to run through the Windows Assessment Console or Windows Assessment Services.

job setting

Editable setting that applies to an entire job. See also assessment setting.


Single value that an assessment collects. Metrics can be defined by data type, unit, name, description, and other metadata.

minifilter driver

Driver used by anti-malware software, backup agents, and encryption products to intercept requests that are targeted at a file system, or another file system driver, before the request reaches its intended destination.

on-off transition

Transition between power states, such as boot, shutdown, hibernate, or resume.


In Windows Assessment Services, the group of computers and images that comprise a subset of all the computers and images that have been added to an inventory. A project provides a contextualized, manageable view of computers within the pool of assets, and pairs each computer with an image and an answer file. A project does not contain assessments, but the project shows all the jobs that correspond to the project.

results file

In Windows Assessment Services and Windows Assessment Console, the XML file that is produced after a job completes, that is standardized and presented in the Windows Assessment Console to identify issues on the system. The results contain individual assessment output, information about the computer that the assessment was run on, the job manifest information, a copy of the assessment manifests from each assessment included in the job, and event trace log (ETL) files.

results library

Location on the local computer where Windows Assessment Console job results are stored. For Windows Assessment Services, see results store.

results store

Location on a Windows Assessment Services computer where job results files are stored. For the Windows Assessment Console, see results library.


Set of automated tasks that exercise the computer in a predefined, repeatable manner.