The core responsibility of an Approver is to evaluate and then approve or reject requests for Group Policy object (GPO) creation, deployment, and deletion from Editors or Reviewers who do not have permission to complete those actions. The report capabilities of Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) can assist an Approver with evaluating a new version of a GPO.

A user account with the Approver or AGPM Administrator (Full Control) role or necessary permissions in Advanced Group Policy Management is required to complete this procedure. Review the details in "Additional considerations" in this topic.

To approve or reject a pending request
  1. In the Group Policy Management Console tree, click Change Control in the forest and domain in which you want to manage GPOs.

  2. On the Contents tab, click the Pending tab to display the pending GPOs.

  3. Right-click a pending GPO, and then click either Approve or Reject.

  4. If approving deployment, click Advanced in the Approve Pending Operation dialog box to review links to the GPO. Pause the mouse pointer on a node in the tree to display details.

    • By default, all links to the GPO will be restored.

    • To prevent a link from being restored, clear the check box for that link.

    • To prevent all links from being restored, clear the Restore Links check box in the Deploy GPO dialog box.

  5. Click Yes or OK to confirm approval or rejection of the pending action. If you have approved the request, the GPO is moved to the appropriate tab for the action performed.


    If an Approver's e-mail address is included in the To field on the Domain Delegation tab, the Approver will receive e-mail from the AGPM alias when an Editor or Reviewer submits a request.

Additional considerations

  • By default, you must be an Approver or an AGPM Administrator (Full Control) to perform this procedure. Specifically, you must have the permissions required to perform the request that you are approving.

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