In Application Compatibility Manager (ACM), you can track the deployment status of your applications and websites.

Selecting Your Deployment Status

You can change the deployment status from both the report screen and the associated report dialog box.

The following examples use the <Operating_System> - Application Report screen. You can alternatively use the <Application_Name> dialog box. The procedure is the same for setting deployment status on the report for websites.

To change the deployment status of an application

  1. On the <Operating_System> - Application Report screen, click the application name.

  2. On the Actions menu, click Set Deployment Status.

  3. Select one of the following options:

    • Not Reviewed (default)

    • Testing

    • Mitigating

    • Ready to Deploy

    • Will Not Deploy

  4. Click OK.

Filtering By Deployment Status

You can filter your applications and websites by your deployment status.

To filter based on deployment status

  1. On the <Operating_System> - Application Report screen, click Toggle Filter.

    The Query Builder appears with a blank row.

  2. In the Query Builder, enter your filter criteria, pressing the Tab key to add clauses.

    For example, the following query filters for applications with a deployment status of Mitigating or Ready to Deploy.

    And/Or Field Operator Value


    Deployment Status




    Deployment Status


    Ready to Deploy

    To delete a clause, right-click the row, and then click Delete Clause.

  3. Click Refresh.

    Your filtered results appear.

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