The following are changes in the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT).

Support for the Latest Version of Windows

This version of ACT supports Windows® 8. For more information about supported operating systems, see Software Requirements for ACT.

Runtime-Analysis Packages

The runtime-analysis package gathers compatibility information. It is installed on computers for the purpose of compatibility testing for applications on the version of Windows that you want to deploy. The data from the runtime-analysis package replaces data from issue detectors that attempt to forecast compatibility issues by running on a previous version of Windows.

Streamlined Inventory Collection

Data collection overhead has been reduced because the purpose of the inventory-collector package is now limited to inventory collection. The redesigned inventory-collector package does not cause application conflicts because it does not interact with applications. Scheduling the inventory-collector package to avoid conflicts is no longer required.

Application Grouping

The application reports in Application Compatibility Manager (ACM) now show a single parent entry for an application where multiple versions of the application are detected. The multiple versions of the application are grouped together under this entry.

Restructured ACT Documentation

The ACT documentation has been streamlined to enable you to locate information quickly and conveniently.

ADK Integration

ACT is now integrated into the Windows® Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK). You can install ACT by using ADK Setup.

Simplified Emphasis on OS Deployment

Compatibility information is now focused on operating system deployment. Update compatibility has been removed.