To display the Settings dialog box, in Application Compatibility Manager (ACM), on the Tools menu, click Settings.

In the Settings dialog box, on the Settings tab, use the following controls to modify the settings for your ACT database and ACT Log Processing Service.

SQL Server

Lists the database server name for the SQL Server database server that contains your ACT database.Click Browse to search for available database servers. A Select Server dialog box appears from which you can select the database server that contains your ACT database.

Lists the database name of your ACT database.

Opens the user interface where you can create, open, or migrate an ACT database.
This computer is configured as a Log Processing Service

If selected, indicates that this computer is used for the ACT Log Processing Service. Clear this check box to use a different computer to process the logs.If there is no designated ACT Log Processing Service, log processing defaults to the local computer.
Log Processing Service Account

Specifies the account information, including the account type and account credentials, to be used to start the ACT Log Processing Service. The account must have read and write access to the ACT database. For information about setting up database permissions for the ACT Log Processing Service, see Troubleshooting ACT Database Issues.
Log Share

Specifies the absolute path to the ACT Log Processing Service share where log files are processed. Click Browse to search for a location. The Share as box automatically updates to show the directory name. For information about ensuring that all computers can access the share, see Troubleshooting the ACT Log Processing Service.

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