In Application Compatibility Manager (ACM), the <Application> dialog box shows information about the selected application.

To open the <Application> dialog box

  1. In ACM, in the Quick Reports pane, click Analyze.

  2. Under an operating system heading, click Applications.

  3. Double-click the name of an application.

Tabs in the <Application> dialog box

The following table shows the information available in the <Application> dialog box.

Tab Information


Shows the compatibility ratings for the application from the application vendor, your internal organization, and the ACT Community.

For more information, see Selecting Your Compatibility Rating.


For each issue associated with the selected application, shows:

  • The issue status, either active (a red X) or resolved (a green check mark).

  • The provider who created the record of the issue.

  • The severity of the issue as entered by the provider.

  • The symptom of the issue as entered by the provider.

  • The date on which the issue was added to the ACT database.

For more information, see Creating and Editing Issues and Solutions.

Application Properties

Shows the following properties for the selected application:

  • MSI. Shows the installer name, vendor, version, language, and so on.

  • Add/Remove Programs. Shows the application name that appears in Control Panel, vendor, registry path, and string for uninstalling.

  • Shell. Shows the shortcuts for the application and where the shortcuts appear on the Start menu.

  • Registry. Shows the registry name for the application, registry path, file name, and so on.

  • Service Control Manager. Shows the entries in the Services console that correspond to the application.


Shows the following information for each of the computers that have the specified application installed:

  • Computer name, domain, and operating system.

  • Media Access Control (MAC) address for the computer.

  • Manufacturer of the computer.


Shows the label for the selected application.

For information about labels, see Labeling Data in ACM.


Shows feedback that your testers have submitted to the ACT database for the selected application.

Using the <Application> Dialog Box

In the <Application> dialog box, you can perform the following actions:

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