On the user interface for the Standard User Analyzer (SUA) tool, you can apply fixes to an application.

To fix an application by using the SUA tool

  1. Use the SUA tool to test an application. For more information, see Using the SUA Tool.

  2. After you finish testing, open the SUA tool.

  3. On the Mitigation menu, click the command that corresponds to the action that you want to take. The following table describes the commands.

    Mitigation menu command Description

    Apply Mitigations

    Opens the Mitigate AppCompat Issues dialog box, in which you can select the fixes that you intend to apply to the application.

    Undo Mitigations

    Removes the application fixes that you just applied.

    This option is available only after you apply an application fix and before you close the SUA tool. Alternatively, you can manually remove application fixes by using Programs and Features in Control Panel.

    Export Mitigations as Windows Installer file

    Exports your application fixes as a Windows® Installer (.msi) file, which can then be deployed to other computers that are running the application.