Application data and its associated compatibility issues can vary within an organization. For example, the applications used by a Human Resources (HR) department might differ from the applications used by a Sales department. Even for applications that are used across an organization, different compatibility issues might be found for each business group because of the unique application use by each business group.

Your data-collection packages can add a label to your inventoried applications. To filter by business group when analyzing reports, you can create a different data-collection package for each business group and have each package assign a unique label. For example, you can create a data-collection package for your Sales department with a Sales label. During reports analysis, you can filter your results so that only the data with the Sales label is visible.

You can specify a label when you create a data-collection package. You cannot change the label for an existing data-collection package.

To specify the label for a new data-collection package

  1. In Application Compatibility Manager (ACM), on the Go menu, click Collect.

  2. On the Collect screen, click File from the toolbar, and then click New to start creating a new data-collection package.

  3. In the wizard, enter the label that you want to be applied by the data-collection package.

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