You can use Application Compatibility Manager (ACM) to flag issues as resolved. Resolving an issue changes the status of the issue from a red x to a green check mark on your report and report detail screens.

Resolving an issue is not required. However, if you do not resolve the issue, the issue remains active in your ACT database and provides inaccurate reports.

Resolving Issues for Your Applications and Websites

This procedure describes how to resolve an existing issue that is documented in ACM. For information about adding an issue, see Adding or Editing an Issue.

The following example uses the <Application_Name> dialog box. The procedure is similar for websites.

To resolve issues

  1. On the <Operating_System> - Application Report screen, double-click the name of the application to display the <Application_Name> dialog box.

  2. Click the Issues tab.

  3. Double-click the specific issue to resolve.

  4. On the Actions menu, click Resolve, and then close the <Application_Name> - <Issue_Title> dialog box.

    The issue appears with a green check mark in the report details screen.

    If you have not entered a solution but have resolved the issue, Microsoft recommends that you enter a solution with Other solution type and add text that describes why you resolved the issue without a solution. For information about entering solutions, see Adding or Editing a Solution.

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