The change manager reviews the status of a change in the currently opened release record. He knows the ID of the change request and its title, or at least a few of the keywords of the title. He can review the status by performing the following steps.

To determine status and progress for a change record in a release record

  1. In the Service Manager console, open the Work Items workspace, and in the Work Items pane expand Release Management and then select Release Management.

  2. In the Work Items pane, under Release Management, select the Release Records: In Progress.

  3. In the Release Records: In Progress view, double-click the record of interest to open it.

  4. Click the Activities tab to view the list the list of proposed changes and dependent activities they contain and then optionally, you change the activities view by clicking either Diagram View or List View.

  5. You can view records using any of the following methods:

    • Mouse scrolling

      • You can scroll through activities to find activities that are linked to change requests.

      • You can find the release management activity showing that it is linked to the specific change request by looking for an indicator icon viewing its properties while in either diagram or list view.

      • The following information is shown for all activities:

        • change request ID

        • change request title

        • change request status indicator icon

        • Change Management dependent activity ID

        • Change Management dependent activity title

        • Activity status indicator icon

    • Using search

      • You can search for and view an activity by searching with any of the following information:

        • change request ID

        • keywords from the linked change request’s title

        • change activity’s ID

        • keywords from the dependent Activity’s title

    • Filtering

      • You can filter any returned search results by keywords and also by criteria such as class, last modified dates, and by name.

    • Using the List view

      • When using the list view, you can add and remove columns, sort by column, filter by value in a column and use other functionality of elements in the list.

    • Using the diagram view

      • When using the diagram view, you can zoom in, zoom out, mini-map, and find on diagram

  6. You can double-click an activity to view its status the details of its progress.