While reviewing active incidents, help desk analysts might determine that an incident should have already been resolved because another analyst has already corrected the underlying cause. If there is a closed parent incident, the analyst can use the following step to link the incident to the resolved parent and then automatically resolve the active incident.

To link an active incident to a resolved parent and automatically close the active incident

  1. In the Service Manager console, open the Work Items workspace, and in the Work Items pane expand Incident Management.

  2. Select any incident view that contains the incident that you want to a resolved parent to.

  3. Select one or more incidents and then in the Tasks pane, click Link/Unlink to Existing Parent Incident, and then in the submenu, click Link.

  4. In the Select Parent Incident dialog box, select the resolved parent incident that you want to link the open incident to and then click OK.

  5. In the Link to parent incident dialog box, select Link to parent and resolve incident.

  6. If you are linking multiple active incidents to a resolved parent, ensure that you select Repeat this option for all conflicts in order to automatically resolve all the incidents.