Release record templates for parallel and sequential activities are used to create new activities that contain a collection of pre-defined activities that should be grouped together to form some kind of process. You can think of parallel and sequential activities as container activities because their primary function is to contain individual activities.

The template author creates a template for a parallel activity by performing the following steps. Afterward, the same steps are followed to create a template for a sequential activity.

To create a template for a parallel activity

  1. In the Service Manager console, open the Library workspace, and in the Library pane select Templates.

  2. In the Templates list, select Default Parallel Activity and then in the Tasks pane under Templates, click Create Template.

  3. In the Create Template dialog box, type a name for the template and a description of what the template applies.

  4. Under Class, click Browse and in the Select a Class box select Parallel Activity and click OK to close the Select a Class box.

  5. Click OK to close the Create Template dialog box and the New Container Activity Template form appears.

  6. Enter information in the fields on the General tab and then click the Activities tab.

  7. You can add, delete, or modify sets of activities to the parallel activity template including the following actions:

    1. Add activities from the list of existing activity templates.

    2. Add parallel or sequential activities from the list of existing activity templates.

    3. Add automatic activities inside the parallel or sequential activities you have already added.

    4. Move activities up and down in the order in which they are completed.

    5. Move activities in the process list.

    6. Delete activities.

  8. As you add an activity, the activity form opens. Enter necessary information and then click OK to save the activity.

  9. When you have added all the activities you want, click OK to save the parallel activity template and close it. The parallel activity template then appears in Templates list.

  10. Repeat this procedure for a sequential activity, replacing instances of “parallel activity” with “sequential activity.”