Baselines can include numerous settings. SCM simplifies viewing and managing them by categorizing settings within setting groups, such as Account Lockout Policy and User Rights Assignment.

To view a baseline and its settings and supporting content

  1. In the Baselines Library pane, browse to the desired baseline, and then click it to display information about it in the center Baseline Information pane of SCM.

    The center Baseline Information pane displays the total number of the baseline’s settings in groups.

    Note   For more security and compliance guidance on all of the settings in the baseline, in the Baseline Library pane, under the Baseline Product name, click Attachments \ Guides.
  2. In the Baseline Information pane, under Advanced View, choose a setting under a setting group, and then click the setting name to display the recommended default security configuration for the setting from Microsoft.
  3. Click Setting Details to display more information about the setting, including:
    • UI Path: Defines where to locate the setting.
    • Additional Details: Provides registry key information.
    • Vulnerability: Explains how an attacker might mount an attack if the setting is configured in a less secure manner.
    • Potential Impact: Explains the possible negative consequences of implementing the countermeasure implementation.
    • Countermeasure: Explains how to implement the countermeasure.
  4. On the setting information pane, click Collapse to return to the high-level view of the setting name within the setting group for it in the Baseline Information pane.
Tip   You can save time finding baseline settings by typing portions of their names in the Settings search box in Advanced View in the top right area of the Baseline Information pane.