Desired Configuration Management (DCM) is the compliance scanning feature of Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Configuration Packs provide the data format that the DCM feature uses to scan managed computers. Use the SCCM DCM 2007 (.cab) feature in SCM to export a Configuration Pack that you can then in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to monitor the computers in your environment for compliance and produce reports.

Note   In order to use Configuration Packs that you produce using this export feature in SCM, you must install System Center Configuration Manager 2007 on a computer in your environment.

To export a Configuration Pack

  1. In the Baselines Library pane, click the baseline that you want to export as a Configuration Pack, and then in the Action pane, in the Export area, click SCCM DCM 2007 (.cab).
    Note   Some baselines in SCM do not support the DCM format.
  2. In the Export to SCCM DCM dialog box, browse to the desired folder where you want to export the DCM Configuration Pack, specify a name for the .cab file, and then click Save.

    The export operation produces the baseline in a DCM Configuration Pack .cab file in the location that you specified on your computer. The name of the .cab file is appended with _DCM.

Note   In order to successfully import a configuration pack generated from a custom baseline into Configuration Manager 2007, you must first increment the version number of the custom baseline. For more information about how to increment the version number, see the topic "Edit a custom baseline" in the "Compare with Microsoft recommendations" section of the Help.