A Group Policy Object (GPO) applies configuration settings to computers running Windows and Microsoft applications. GPOs are most efficiently deployed using Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), and you can also apply them locally to individual computer operating systems using the LocalGPO tool. The LocalGPO tool is described in the security guides that accompany each Microsoft baseline, and the Help topic "What's new in this release."

To export a GPO backup

  1. In the Baselines Library pane, select the baseline that you want to export as a GPO backup in a folder, and then in the Action pane, in the Export area, click GPO Backup (folder).
  2. In the Export GPO Backup (folder) dialog box, browse to the folder location where you want to export the GPO Backup files, or click the Make New Folder button to create a new folder, type a name for it, and then click OK.

    The export operation produces a folder containing the GPO Backup files in the location that you specified on your computer.