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Use this dialog box to search for and select one or more groups that become subgroup members. This dialog box appears when you are adding or removing objects with the Create Group Wizard.

This dialog box contains the following elements.

Filter by part of name (optional)

Enables you to enter text to filter results by when you click Search.

Searches for results based on Filter by part of name (optional).
Available items

Displays results returned by the search. When you click one or more subgroups, you can add them to the group.
Selected objects

Displays subgroups you selected to become members of the group.

Adds items to the Selected objects list.

Removes items from the Selected objects list.

Closes the dialog box, adds selected subgroups as members of the group, and returns you to the Create Group Wizard.

Closes the dialog box without adding subgroups as members of the group and returns you to the Create Group Wizard.

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