In System Center Capacity Planner, you can simulate the performance of your application deployment. When modeling data is incomplete or requires adjustments, Capacity Planner generates adjustment messages. While some adjustment messages are informational, others require action in order to successfully run a simulation. The following sections describe the simulation process.

In This Section

About Capacity Planner Simulation

Describes the simulation process.
How to Run a Capacity Planner Simulation

Shows how to run a simulation.
How to Identify Under-Utilized Resources

Shows how to identify under-utilized resources.
How to Identify a Resource with High Transaction Latency

Shows how to identify a resource with high transaction latency.
How to Add Capacity by Replacing or Adding Resources

Shows how to add capacity by replacing or adding resources.
How to Add Capacity by Reallocating Resources

Shows how to add capacity by reallocating resources.
How to Add Capacity by Changing the Client Type

Shows how to add capacity by changing the client type.
Capacity Planner Simulation Results

Explains how to use simulation results.
Simulation Adjustment Tasks

Lists simulation adjustment tasks.


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