Running The Profiler

Starting a Profiler Run

To start a live Profiler Run, you must have atleast one server selected in the Attach Servers dialog. A Profiler run can then be started by clicking the Run button on the Toolbar or the Run menu of the Profiler menu. If the selected server is available to accept a connection, the Profiler Status bar will display the Live Connection indicator. This is a bright green region on the right of the Status bar.

Pausing a Profiler Run

You can Pause a Profiler Run by clicking the Pause button on the Toolbar or the Pause menu on the Profiler menu. When a run is paused, the Profiler Server will still be sending Profiler information. This information, however, will not be displayed in the Profiler view. A paused run can be restarted by clicking the Run button again.

Stopping a Profiler Run

To stop a Profiler Run entirely, click the Stop button the Toolbar or the Stop menu on the Profiler menu. When a run is stopped, the Profiler disconnects from the Profiler Server and thus no longer receives Profiler information.

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