For planning purposes, complete the following tasks to estimate the user state migration storage requirements:

·     Run Scanstate.exe in the USMT with the /p option to estimate the size of the user state migration data. By using the /p option, you can estimate the disk space requirements without actually performing the migration.

·     View the size of the contents of the folders in the user profile. Randomly sample targeted computers to determine a typical amount of storage required to back up the user state migration. Keep in mind that there may be several profiles (user name folders) on each target computer, so include each profile to be migrated.

Calculate the total capacity required by multiplying the average size of the user state migration data by the number of days to retain the data, and then multiplying that result by the number of users to be migrated during the retention period. For example, if the average user state migration size is 3 GB, data must be stored for five days, 100 users are being migrated each day, and the total storage requirement is 1,500 GB (3 GB × 5 days × 100 users per day).

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