Configuration Manager 2007 R3 provide the tools needed to create operating system images for deploying to computers that Configuration Manager manages and to unmanaged computers using bootable media such as CD or DVD. The deployment image, a Windows Imaging Format (WIM) file, contains the version of the Windows operating system to be deployed and can include any applications that you need to install on the computer. Configuration Manager is designed to be the primary means of deploying operating systems for both server and client platforms.

Another important deployment feature of Configuration Manager 2007 R3 is the integrated Task Sequencer. Using Configuration Manager 2007 R3, you no longer need to write scripts for deploying or capturing operating system images. In addition, by taking advantage of the Task Sequencer, the operating system deployment process becomes completely hands-off. For more information about operating system deployment and the Task Sequencer, see Overview of Operating System Deployment.

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