You may need to deploy images to target computers using a bootable device (such as a UFD or a USB hard disk) when the target computer does not have a high-speed, persistent connection to a deployment share.

Note   The target computer must support starting from the device to use this method.

To create bootable devices from deployment media

1.   On a computer running Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system, insert the UFD or USB hard disk.

2.   Run Diskpart.exe, and type list disk to determine the disk number associated with the device.

3.   Type the following commands, where N is the disk number identified in step 2:

·     select disk N

·     clean

·     create partition primary

·     select partition 1

·     active

·     format fs=ntfs

·     assign

·     exit

4.   Copy the contents of the media_folder\Content folder (where media_folder is the name of the folder you specified in the media) to the device.

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