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To configure the master deployment server as a SQL Server publisher, perform these steps:

1.   Open SQL Server Management Studio.

2.   Right-click the Replication node, and then click Configure Distribution.

3.   In the Configure Distribution Wizard, click Next.

4.   On the Distributor page, click will act as its own Distributor; SQL Server will create a distribution database and log, and then click Next.

5.   On the Snapshot Folder page, in the Preparing for SQL Server Replication section, type the UNC path to the snapshot folder created.

6.   On the Distribution Database page, click Next.

7.   On the Publishers page, click the master deployment server to set it as the distributor, and then click Next.

8.   On the Wizard Actions page, click Configure Distribution, and then click Next.

9.   Click Finish, and then click Close when the wizard is finished.

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