In addition to the shared folders just created, the MDT scripts might require access to other resources. The resources include application or database servers (such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange Server).

Access is granted to the credentials specified in the:

·     UserID, UserPassword, and UserDomain properties for LTI deployments

·     Deployment Wizard for LTI deployments

·     Network access account used by the Configuration Manager client for ZTI deployments

Grant access to the following resources:

·     MDT deployment share for LTI deployments. Configure access to the deployment share created in the Deployment Workbench.

·     Any resources accessed using the ZTIConnect.wsf script for LTI or ZTI deployments. Configure access to resources that are referenced using the ZTIConnect.wsf script.

Note   For further guidance on using the ZTIConnect.wsf script, see the MDT document Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Samples Guide.

·     Any resources on application or database servers for LTI or ZTI deployments. Configure access to applications or databases that are accessed through the SQLServer, SQLShare, and Database properties.

Note   Other connections to the same servers, such as Named Pipes and RPC, use the same credentials listed above. Use the ZTIConnect.wsf script to establish these connections.

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