After you have created the LocationServer.xml file, add it to the LiteTouch_x86 and LiteTouch_x64 Windows PE boot images in the X:\Deploy\Control folder. Using the Deployment Workbench, add other files and folders to these Windows PE images by specifying an additional directory to add in the deployment share properties.

To add LocationServer.xml to the deployment share

1.   Create a folder called Extra Files in the root deployment share folder (for example, D:\Production Deployment Share\Extra Files).

2.   Create a folder structure in the Extra Files folder that mirrors the Windows PE location where the additional file should reside.

For example, the LocationServer.xml file must reside in the \Deploy\Control folder in Windows PE; therefore, create the same folder structure under Extra Files (for example, D:\Production Deployment Share\Extra Files\Deploy\Control).

3.   Copy LocationServer.xml to the deployment_share\Extra Files\Deploy\Control folder (where deployment_share is the fully qualified path to the root folder of the deployment share).

4.   Click Start, and then point to All Programs. Point to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and then click Deployment Workbench.

5.   In the Deployment Workbench console tree, go to Deployment Workbench/Deployment Shares/deployment_share (where deployment_share is the name of the deployment share to configure).

6.   In the Actions pane, click Properties.

7.   In the deployment_share Properties dialog box (where deployment_share is the name of the deployment share), perform these steps:

a.   Click the Windows PE platform Settings tab (where platform is the architecture of the Windows PE image to be configured).

b.   In the Windows PE Customizations section, in the Extra directory to add box, type path (where path is the fully qualified path to the Extra Files folder—for example, D:\Production Deployment Share\Extra Files), and then click OK.

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