Microsoft® Assessment and Planning Toolkit


The Microsoft® Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit is an agentless inventory, assessment, and reporting tool that can securely assess IT environments for various platform migrations, capacity planning and product usage tracking for both users and devices. The MAP tool uses different wizards and collection mechanisms to gather information and generate reports and proposals on specific topics. 

The Inventory and Assessment Wizard gathers the information that is needed to generate most of the reports and proposals that the MAP Toolkit offers. The Software Usage Tracking gathers information about client access of software in your environment that you can use to track client access licenses (CALs). The Performance Metrics Wizard and Server Consolidation Wizard provide the necessary information to complete an assessment of your readiness to consolidate and virtualize existing servers.

Customer Experience Improvement Program

You can help to improve the capabilities and quality of Microsoft® Assessment and Planning Toolkit by participating in Microsoft® Customer Experience Program (CEIP), which was created to give all Microsoft® customers the ability to contribute to the design and development of Microsoft® products. You can learn more about CEIP by visiting

If you choose to participate in CEIP, the MAP Toolkit will collect anonymous information from the usage of the MAP Toolkit, MAP Toolkit’s database and send that information to Microsoft®. To learn more about anonymous information collected, please review the MAP Toolkit’s privacy statement at  

You have the option to choose whether to participate or not in CEIP during the setup and through the Customer Feedback Options menu item in the Tools menu.

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