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Using Scheduled SMS Advertisement

To collect inventory information simultaneously from multiple client servers, you can schedule a repeating advertisement from the SMS Administrator console. To use scheduled SMS advertisements:

  1. Download HP Insight Inventory Collector, and store it in a new directory on the site server.
  2. Create a new SMS package to run HP Insight Inventory Collector:
    1. From the Collect Package Properties windows, select the Data Source tab.

      Package Properties-General tab

    2. Select This package contains source files.

      Package Properties-Data Source tab

    3. Specify the name of the new directory as the source directory.
    4. Ensure that SMS uses the most recently installed version of Collect by selecting the Always obtain files from source directory radio button and the Update distribution points on a schedule checkbox.
    5. If you do not expect to update the current version of Collect, select Use a compressed copy of the source directory, if required.
    6. Click OK.
  3. Specify the Collect command line:
    1. From the SMS Administrator console, expand the package.
    2. Right-click Programs, and select New from the resulting dropdown menu. To open the Collect Program Properties window, select Program.
    3. In the General tab, specify a name for the program, and then specify Collect /M /SMS03 as the command line.

      Program Properties-General tab

    4. To enable HP Insight Inventory Collector to run from the client whether a user is logged on, select the appropriate option from the Program can run menu in the Environment tab.

      Program Properties-Environment tab

    5. In the Requirements tab, select the client platforms on which HP Insight Inventory Collector will run when scheduled. HP Insight Inventory Collector is supported on all x86 and x64 Windows® 2000 and Windows® 2003, IA64 Windows Server® 2003 clients.

      Program Properties-Requirements tab

  4. Create and select a distribution point for the package.
  5. Create an advertisement to distribute HP Insight Inventory Collector to the target servers:
    1. Create a new Advertisement for running HP Insight Inventory Collector.


    2. To schedule regular executions of HP Insight Inventory Collector, create a mandatory schedule under the Schedule tab of the SMS Advertisement Properties window.

      Advertisement Properties

    3. Schedule and perform a Hardware Inventory cycle from the site server.
    4. Review the information provided by HP Insight Inventory Collector in the Resource Explorer window.